Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mayhem Marsh and other Map Mysteries

I'm (still) unemployed and bored and making maps is one thing that helps fill the long boring days.
I know I am a long way off being the best map maker in the land, but I enjoy it. This one I made with the idea of using it as the basis for a story.

Can you find the treasure?!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Stolen tips

Read these on The Write Practice and thought I'd put them here as a reminder to myself of things I know, but so easily forget to do. They asked me to free write and then post it in the comments of the blog. But I'm far too lazy to do that  hahaha. Not very bloggy-spirited of me I know but never mind.

Five tips for writing when you think you never have the time:

1. Whenever you have five minutes …

Whenever you have five min­utes and there is a com­puter or some paper and a pen­cil nearby, sit down and write. It doesn’t mat­ter what you write, just write.

2. Blog

If you are a writer, you prob­a­bly already have a blog. If you don’t have one, make one and blog con­sis­tently about your life, your most recent writ­ing project, your pet, any­thing. It doesn’t mat­ter what you write, just write.

3. Wake up early.

Even on week­ends. Set your alarm clock and wake up before any­one else to give your­self some time alone so you can just write.

4. Free write.

If you’re stuck in your novel and don’t know what to write next, grab a clean piece of paper and a pen­cil and write down what­ever comes to mind for ten min­utes. Most likely you’ll real­ize what you have to write next. If you still don’t know what to write next, you haven’t writ­ten for long enough. Write for another ten min­utes and keep on writ­ing until you’ve over­come your writer’s block.

5. Block out distractions

Take your lap­top to a quiet cof­fee shop and turn off your inter­net. Use a pro­gram that will turn off your email, Facebook, Twitter, and any­thing else that will be a dis­trac­tion for you. After you’ve done that, just write.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Life Pixie

That little life pixie
is naughty and trixy-
bores very easily,
making you queasily
stumble and grumble and groan.
Leave me alone!
Let me be! You wearily shout.
But pixie just giggles and wobbles about.
Messing up life
to give worry and strife
Is my joy, my one hobby, my wife!