Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Ending

Hello Blog,
I've been struggling with my ending for a long time, thinking that I should just let myself edit, and that the ending will come.
It's taken such a long time to get back into it after my dissertation submission. I allowed myself to do a lot of backstory stuff, enjoying creating the world and new characters. I've also been drawing some characters messing around with watercolour crayons, and have finally made a 'spacially accurate' version of the map! Only three years later....

I am halfway through draft 2 (three if you include free writing) but I need to stop.


Until the end is planned, and the plot in place, nothing before can be right. Plot twists and clues can only be inserted backwards, from a fixed end point. What have I been doing?! I realise I've written and edited whole parts that can't exist based on the end point I want. Silly.

Obviously the end can and will change, but I need to set the events more securely. After that I can trace back each main event and character, inserting their necessary footprints.