Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Very Beginning

My world has no name as yet and neither do the characters. The boy is from our world (England in fact) the girl is from the world that has no name. She's a bit wild, lives in the mountains and has crazy long hair with bits of twigs and leaves in it.

Here is one of their first conversations, as it came to my head sitting outside in the sunshine with a small glass of white wine.
*The poor boy must make do with __________ instead of his real name right now.
At this point in the story he doesn't know the girls name, which is lucky for me.
Any ideas?

"You're from North West?" she asked, a look of amazement in her eyes.
He shrugged, honestly not sure. "I guess."
She looked out over the vast plain of the forgotten lands, towards the tower. "I've heard stories, but I thought they were just made up, to scare kids." Then she turned to face him. "I've never met anyone from there before."
Unsure for the moment who exactly he was or where he was indeed from, _________ looked over the forgotten lands too. The tower was huge and looming, the golden clock face in the middle shining in the sun, making him squint. To the right was a golden wheel, just as big an shiny. Even from where they were standing, miles and miles away, ______________ could make out the slow grinding click, click of it turning.
Behind that was nothing but big black buildings. And smog.
____________ didn't recognise a thing. "That's not where I'm from."
The girl snorted loudly at this, clearly amsued. "OK," she said deliberately, "Where are you from then?"
But that was easily asked than answered."London, England," he said, trying to recall the details. "It's definitely over there, I'm just not sure where exactly, alright?"
____________ raised an eyebrow, but didn't say anything more. Instead she sat down, leaning back in the rough coarse grass.
"I've heard people work forever," she said. "The wheel doesn't stop, so they can't stop."
Even though ___________'d never seen the big wheel or watch tower before, something about what the girl said rang true. He thought of his Dad, never home, never happy, always stressed. Then he shook his head, dismissing the idea.
"That's not where I'm from."
the girl sat up then and opened her mouth as if to say something, then closed it again. She lay back down.
"What brings you here then?"
Another question much easier to ask than answer. __________ shoved his hands in deep in his pockets and looked at the ground, searching for something to say that made sense.
Without looking at him, the girl said, "well if you've got nothing better to do you can help me if you want?"
___________ didn't know who this girl was or what she wanted, but seeing as he had no real idea where he wanted to go or what he wanted to do either, he decided to agree.
"Alright," he said quietly, suddenly shy.
 The girl jumped up, punching the air in excitement.
"Great! Let's go!"
___________ stood slowly. "Where, exactly?"
"I'm on a mission!" the girl announced. "It's extremely important. But I'm not too sure where to start..."
"What mission?" asked ____________.
But the girl didn't answer. "There, the trees!" she shouted as she started running down the mountain to the east, away from the forgotten lands and the North West.
____________ hesitated for a moment, then picked up his bag and chased after her.

And that's about all I've got so far...

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