Monday, 12 November 2012

On to Down Pour Drive

Out of the corner of his eye Jack saw a flash of orange and then there was Freddie, sitting calmly a few metres away, serenely licking his paws.
"Did we have to go that way?" said Jack, annoyed that clearly the cat had known better.
Carla had already recovered and was on her feet. "Didn't you like the forest?" she said with a small smile. "I've never really tried to go round it."
Annoyed at how casual Carla was being, and also embarrassed that he was still on the ground, Jack struggled to his feet and turned away.
"Where now then?" he muttered.
"This way," said Carla, grabbing his hand and pulling him playfully.
Freddie trotted just ahead of them, across the grass towards a wide, flat road. Then suddenly he bolted as if he'd seen a huge angry dog and disappeared into a row of bushes.
"What's with him?" asked Jack, but at the same time he asked it, they reached the road and the air them became thick with mist. A second later the heavens opened and rain poured down on them heavy and fast.
The shock caused Jack to shriek, then quickly cover his mouth with his his hands, as Carla laughed. When he looked at her he couldn't help laughing too: she was completely bedraggled, her wild hair now stuck to her forehead and hanging flat down her back, making her look like a big piece of seaweed.
Jack looked around, although it was difficult to really see anything. They were on the road, which stretched for as far as the eye could see (which admittedly wasn't very far) in either direction. To the left he could just about make out the sea, and to the right a field.
"Just keep walking!" shouted Carla, her voice seeming distant.
Going against the sheets of rain, the children struggled slowly onwards, heads down. They couldn't have gone much slower if they were crawling.
About ten minutes later, and soaked to the bone, without warning the rain stopped completely and they emerged into the afternoon sun. Right behind them, strangely, the rain continued,  and now that they were out of it Jack could see that it was coming down in a block, right over the path but nowhere else.
"We should've walked on the grass!" he said, wringing out his t-shirt. How hadn't they noticed this before?
"But I love Down Pour Drive!" said Carla, shaking her head and spraying Jack with more water.
"Down Pour Drive?" exclaimed Jack. "You knew about this?"
Carla laughed, as always.
"You've gotta stop doing that," said Jack grumpily.
"Taking me to stupid places without telling me what they are. It's getting really annoying."
Carla's smile faded then. "Sorry, I thought it might be fun."
Then, right on cue, Freddie sauntered over dry as a bone and stood right next to Jack. "Meow meow."
"What do you want?" said Jack.
"He said you'll dry in no time," said Carla quietly.
"Easy for him to say."
The children were so busy wringing out their clothes that they hadn't yet noticed what was in front of them. Jack was the first to see it.
"Look!" he shouted.
Carla looked in the direction he was pointing and then started to jump up and down in excitement.
"That's it! That's it!" she said.
In the distance was a huge, grey cloud of fuggy smoke, rising up, up and up into the air.

 (not one of my better artistic creations, but thought I'd include it anyway)

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