Friday, 12 April 2013

Tiny Writing Treasure Map

I'm using this map template in one of my classes next week. I think the kids will have fun creating their own island. I for one really enjoyed doing it!
Something I love about teaching kids of this age (7-8) is that they're really easily pleased. They were mega impressed by my drawings here and have made me promise to impart my wisdom on how to make such a great castle. Ha ha.

It's taken about two months but I've finally finished draft six of my story. Now I have to face the mammoth task of typing up the changes, which will inevitably involve a lot of trying to decipher tiny sentences scrawled round the margins in pencil and being annoyed at not being able to read my own handwriting. But such is life.

It's probably also time to revisit Jack and Carla at the Lake of Colours. Although they've probably starved to death or died of boredom by now, poor things.

Have you been working on any kind-of-pointless-and-totally-time-consuming-but-fun-nonetheless projects recently?  

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