Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Research Methods Module Week 4

Achievements for week 3

  • Read more of Writing Children's Fiction 
  • Finished reading Maze Runner
  • Read slides from lecture on dissertation critical essay

  • Answered over 60 questions about Jack
  • Thought more about overall plot- started plotting it out on mind map.
  • Took notes on Maze Runner
  • Took notes on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix audio
Plans for Week 4
  • Censorship in Drail re:The Map- why don't they want to go there?
  • Finish questions about Jack
  • Chapter Two plot points  
  • Begin Freddie's character chart
  • Similarities and differences between Jack and Carla
  • Start getting ideas together for CW1
  • Read another section of Writing for Children
  • Start reading new fiction book of my choice.

After some deliberation and the decision not to continue in the vein of dystrophy, I've chosen Breaktime by Aidan Chambers. Written in the 80's, this book was one of the first to talk about teenage homosexuality. I'm reading this to help me with character study and how to build on relationships. 

Future plans
Read Writing and Responsibility
Continue reading A Writer's Guide to Harry Potter
Read more in the Maze Runner series

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