Monday, 21 July 2014

Moving forwards

After taking the decision to free write the entire skeleton of my novel, I'm now faced with the mammoth task of actually making it into an exciting story that makes sense.
In the past few weeks I have done the following:
  • Written 'draft 1' of the first six chapters
  • Worked on the antagonist of the story (The Keeper), including his backstory, motivations and personality, as well as where he fits as the baddy. I have become intrigued by the idea of grey characters, that is characters who are not just good or bad. This is wholly inkeeping with real life people, and I feel it is what I want for the Keeper. He is motivated by his love of music and books, and has ended up going to great lengths to keep his musical instruments safe.  
  • I have been working on clues, which is something I'm finding very difficult. One of the things I'm doing in this respect is to make sure everything has a purpose. I want things to be revisited or revealed, to link in with each other. For example the ghosts in the Old House are people from Drail who are being held prisoner.

Next steps:
  • I need to revise chapters 1 and 2 in time for my tutorial next week.
  • I want to work on pace and excitement, making sure there's enough in there to keep a reader interested in what's going on.
  • Finish reading "Here comes the Bogeyman, Exploring contemporary issues in writing for children" 

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