Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Possible Dissertation Questions

In my tutorial I was told to think about making my dissertation question more simple. Whilst the idea of researching censorship and restraints in children's fiction, I need to make sure I choose something that will let me lead the way, rather than forcing me in a certain direction.
My tutors said that simple is good...
So far I have the following:
1. How do I write a fantasy story that appeals to both sexes?
2. If your story appeals to boys, does it means it appeals to both sexes?
3. How do you create a realistic fantasy world that appeals to children?
4. How do you represent things in a fantasy world that will be recognisable to children?
5. What is meant by children's fantasy fiction?
6. What is meant by children's fiction?
7. What is meant by a question??

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