Saturday, 12 April 2014

Research Methods Module Weeks 10 and 11

Achievements so far:

  • Finished reading Divergent 
  • Looked at and took notes on Jacqueline Wilson website.
  • Finished a (very loose, especially as time goes on) plot plan first draft  
  • Finished reading A Writers Guide to Harry Potter 
  • Tried out a slightly different beginning to the story in my free writing
  • Developed the history of Drail and some of the minor characters

 Plans for the next week:

The CW2 deadline is coming up now so I need to focus on getting the following things done:
  • dissertation question
  • research collated (and actually researched!) 
  • Plot, character development and drafts  

Seems a little overwhelming, but I'm really coming along with developing the world. This week I want to think over the things I learned in A Writers Guide to Harry Potter, such as creating an ambiguous character, an anti-hero, infusing mystery and clues into the plot. 

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