Thursday, 27 March 2014

Research Methods Module Week 8

Achievements this week:

  • Character development- Jacks interview with Lord Puff
  • Added creative work/research completed onto blog as a 'log'
  • Prepared for tutorial

  • Finished reading Writing Children's Fiction
  • Finish reading The Graveyard Book
  • Researched exercises for development of character, especially regarding voice and dialect and how each character talks.
  • Started reading The Secret Garden  
  • Read and watched work by guest speaker Thomas Glave 

  • Sorted notes (duplicating) into subject matter to make them easier to refer to- dissertation question, plot, character 
Plans for next week:

  • Plot
  • How each character reacts when put in certain situations
  • Week-long diary for Jack (the focus this week for character is on finding their distinct voice)
  • Develop ideas for dissertation question

  • Finish The Secret Garden
  • Research accents, mannerisms and quirks- I'm finding it hard to move on with the story until I know how the children sound exactly.
  • Research plot development 


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